SOIREE 8/28/2016



The second youth camp is over and it was a success!  Twenty-four youngsters attended and went home with some new ideas about themselves and their life.  On the last day of camp Kris, Stan, Dave and I jumped into the “Shirey Shuttle’ and visited the camp to get video interviews with the counselors.  The interviews were done in a group setting and although it started slow the counselors opened up and shared their impressions and experiences with the kids.  Kim Johnson a camp counselor who was Program Coordinator for the OYC week visited us at a club meeting and shared some of the same comments.  Kim is going to San Diego State and is majoring in Criminal Justice.  Hm, I wonder???Appreciation 1


Bob, Hilda and I attended the Albuquerque Club meeting last month to hear their speaker Charles Daniels, Chief Justice of the New Mexico state Supreme Court.  His topic was the Constitutional Amendment for Bail Reform that will appear on the November ballot.  As in most of the U.S. the current bail system is based on provisions of a pre-revolutionary war Pennsylvania constitution and under it a judge has no meaningful authority to deny release to a defendant known to be a danger to the community.  Federal courts, District of Columbia and a number of other states have adopted changes to their constitutions to allow their judges to have this authority.  If you don’t vote for anything else, this is something you need to consider!


Yes, its that time of the year again when the morning skies will be filled with colorful and unusual shapes.  No, its not the effects of the “morning after”, its BALLOON FIESTA time.  Dave Orner  with the Kiwanis came to the club to invite us to volunteer again this year.  For those who are willing to abandon the warmth and comfort of your bed, you can sign up now by visiting  There are also evening shifts available for those who are more sensible and value their sleep.  Dates for this year’s fiesta are October 1 – 9.


Several of our members attended the convention a couple of weeks ago and Boy Scout troop 409 was the color guard for the opening ceremonies on Friday night.  Dave and Bob put together a display of the Optimist Youth Camp with photos, video and T-shirts for the “Braggers” corner.  Dave did all the technical work and Bob stuck the pictures on the tri-fold board.  The display won and now the club has a paid registration for the Quarterly Board Meeting in Taos November 11-13.  Way to go, guys!  Those who visited the hospitality suite on Friday night had a chance to visit with former EOC member, Past EOC President, Past Lt. Governor and Past NM/WT District Governor, Larry German.  Larry was also responsible for bringing the OI convention to Albuquerque in 1985.  Maybe we could get Larry to help us with the children during next year’s OI convention here in Albuquerque.  Just a thought!


Sept 1:  Board meeting 6:00 PM at Mountainside YMCA

Sept. 9:  Camp Committee Meeting 2:00 – 4:00 PM at Mountainside YMCA.  Former members will receive this year’s forms to review for changes.  Please review and have ready for discussion because we need to get these to the schools soon.  Anyone wishing to attend is welcome!

Sept. 11:  EOC picnic 2:00 PM at Academy Hills Park.  Main entre will be sub sandwiches so bring a side dish or dessert.  (homemade cookies are nice!)  Bring lawn games!  No horseshoes!

TAKE A LOOK AT THE OPTIMIST YOUTH CAMP ON THE WEBSITE!  There’s a link to You Tube with the interview of President Kris about how the EOC got involved with the YMCA.  Great job, Stan!