SOIREE 4/30/2017



The old saying about April showers almost didn’t come true but when it did it came with snow and freezing temperatures.  So, I guess its time to move on and hope that Spring is coming back.


crossroads 3-19 EOC 041

After a regular weekly meeting members filled plastic eggs with candy and on Saturday, April 8th, a Girl Scout group for their service day hid the eggs.  I don’t know if the eggs weren’t hidden well enough or if the kids were “sharp eyed” but it sure didn’t take long for the eggs to disappear.  The Easter Bunny (Leland) was there and was as big a hit as the eggs.  The attention given to him by both the kids and the mothers made him the celebrity of the event.  For those who weren’t interested in the eggs or the bunny a wonderful selection of barbeque from Powdrell’s was provided by Kris, Jim, Helen and Jerry.  Jim and Kris looked right at home as they stood there serving everyone.  I guess that’s what’s meant by being a member of a service club.

OYC Logo 3Well the word has gotten out and the efforts of Ed Briggs have resulted in more than 70 youngsters applying for camp.  The camp committee had a lot of work reviewing  all those applicants but Kris Pilling made the process easier by preparing a spread sheet with the vital information of each applicant.  The committee had a difficult time making a decision but finally selected 52 campers with first choice and a number of alternates.  The information has been turned over to the YMCA and the “Y” will be sending out the paperwork and contacting those chosen so if there are cancellations alternates can be contacted.  Another thing that will be done this year is a Pizza party to introduce the campers and parents to what to expect at camp.  This is being done in an attempt to reduce the number of “no shows”.  As you can see, with the number attending camp we need to get busy raising money.  Contact your friends, neighbors, business contacts and anyone who can think of to get donations.  By the way, they might be good candidates for membership!


If you haven’t been paying attention,  Reel Optimism is a contest for clubs to submit a video promoting Optimism and if they win they receive $750.  Stan Love and Dave Shirey shot a lot of video during the Optimist Youth Camp and Stan prepared a 3 minute video which he has submitted.  At this point we don’t know if our video will be selected for the competition but if so the voting is from May 12-31.  From the information we have to date it appears that all voting will be open to the public and will be on Facebook.  More to follow!!!


Adelle Anderson is our newest member of the EOC.  Adelle was sponsored by Phil Beam who she works with as his assistant.  Adelle has already taken an active part in the Optimist Youth Camp committee.


The nominating committee has met and submits the following names for EOC club officers for the 2017-18 Optimist year;




BOARD MEMBER 2yr:  Pat Tode

BOARD MEMBER 2yr:  Stan Love

Ed Briggs has 1 year remaining on his 2 year term and if Helen is elected there will be a vacancy of 1 year that she can make an appointment with board approval.