SOIREE 11/20/2016



The annual Charter Party was held on the 29th of  October at the County Line BBQ.  Outgoing President Kris awarded the “worker bees” recognition for their service during the past year and Phil Beam received the A.J. Vanlandingham Optimist of the Year award.  For our newer members A.J. is our only remaining charter member and several years ago the club decided to  name the Optimist of the Year award  in his honor.  Good food, good fellowship and we were able to be home in time for the 10 o’clock news.  The club isn’t the only thing getting older.



President Gary and I attended the District Board Meeting in Taos along with our spouses last weekend.  The district is experiencing some problems in getting things started this year but it appears that they will be resolved.  One of the problems is the lack of a district web-site.  The site was in an individual’s name and that person died and when billing for the site wasn’t paid, the site was cancelled.  Steps are being taken to resolve the matter and the site should be restored soon.  As Lt. Governor I attended my first executive board meeting of the district and was impressed with the free and open discussion of the problems and the ideas presented for moving the district forward.  At the meeting Governor CeCi announced her plan to work with clubs on their projects during her administrative year.  It was suggested that she join the EOC  at the Christmas Train/Bus Depot project and she agreed.  I have contacted the clubs in our Zone and requested their participation.


After years of not participating in the contests our new President, Gary, has led the way and we will have 13 youngsters who will be competing.  Gary has worked with Val, a counselor at Eldorado HS, for the past several years recruiting students for HOBY and now they’ve joined forces to find  orators.   The contest will be Thursday, December 1, 6:00 PM at the Eldorado HS lecture hall. All Optimists, their spouses, parents and Eldorado staff are invited to attend.  Since the contest is to begin about the time for dinner, I suggest that you cash in your “Early Bird” coupons and eat before.  Loud chewing distracts the contestants.  Also, please try to be seated by 5:45 PM to allow for the contest to start on time.  Optimists please seat yourselves amongst the families and not all together!girlsoratorical



Forgotten 2014 - 1What does this picture bring to mind?  Yes , the EOC will be at the train/bus depot on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day surprising youngsters who are traveling on those days with gift bags to make their day a little brighter and their trip more fun.  The schedule of times will be published soon and you can bring friends and neighbors if the time slots aren’t filled to help spread the joy of Christmas.





Do you know what this is a picture of?  Please excuse the poor use of grammar.  Anyway, it is an Optimist on a cold winter night trying to sell the last few Christmas trees before going home.  Well we’re doing it again but this time we only work during the day and we are employees not management.  We are employed by Boy Scout Troop 409 and it is now a fund raiser for the club.  Our Christmas tree expert, Bob Aplin is the chairman and will have sign-up sheets soon but you can contact him anytime to tell him when you want to be a tree salesman.  Experience not required!