Its that time of year when things begin to “pop” and that certainly applies to the EOC and other Optimist activities in the city.  Since this is my second publication after a medical leave of absense I’ll try to cover everything that has happened and those that are going to happen.


The EOC hasn’t participated in the Oratorical contests in years but President Gary thought it was something he wanted to get going again.  Gary contacted Eldorado HS counselor Val, his contact for HOBY, and they managed to gather ten (10) contestants.  The contest was held in December and the winner was Kathryn Sokolowski.  As time approached for the District contest Kathryn informed Gary that she wouldn’t be able to participate because of a school statewide competition on the weekend of the District meeting.  Later she contacted Gary and said that her team wouldn’t be able to compete in the school competition and could she still be in the District contest.  She not only competed but won and received a $2500 scholarship.  She will now compete in the Regional sometime in June. Congratulations to her, Gary and Val.

Oratorical Winner


Nancy Roberts, Band Director at McKinley MS, spoke to the club about her work.  McKinley is a Title I school and the challenges that represents for her program.  McKinley was invited to join another school in a concert but the students needed white shirts and black ties for the event and they didn’t have them.  She was asking if we might provide some financial support for her to get the clothes.  Since there are only 9 members in the band, Jim and Kris said they would pay for the shirts and ties.  True Optimists….”Friend of Youth”

Crossroads Director, Delilah(?) Naranjo, spoke to us about the programs they provide for women who have been homeless or incarcerated.  They operate 4 locations of which 3 are residential.  The EOC has worked with Crossroads for years providing help with their annual children’s Easter party.  Once again this year we will be providing plastic eggs filled with candy and the all important Easter Bunny.  Egg filling will be done at our regular meeting, Thursday, March 23, so come out and help.  The Easter party will be Saturday, April 8 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM and volunteers are needed to hide the eggs and “protect” the Easter Bunny.  In response to Delilah’s request, club members Jim,Kris, Helen and Jerry are making arrangements for the food.

Egg Filling crossroads 3-19 EOC 032

I don’t know if it might be considered a program but Garrett Briggs visited the club and spoke about the subject of his Master’s degree.  He used alot of “big” words to desribe the study of tree rings and how they relate to climate and culture of an indigenous people.  Yes, I used the dictionary for that word!  Garrett will be working with the Southern Ute tribe in Ignacio, Colorado for the Summer and then will decide to continue or persue a Law Degree.  I hope he stays with the Indians because we don’t need another Lawyer.


The Albuquerque Club celebrated it’s 77 Anniversary on March 9th.  Members from the EOC who attended were Edie, Bob, Hilda, Gary and me.  They had music from the 40″s, history of Albuquerque and history of Optimist International.  Congratulations!!!


March 26:  Northwest Optimist Club NOW program at Corky Frederick’s house 5417 Las Trampas, NW Noon to 4PM food and beverages supplied.  New Optimists Welcome

April 8:  Crossroads Children’s Easter Party 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

April 15:  Going Away Party for the Aplins at Dave Shirey’s house 3PM until.  Beverages supplied by Dave but we need a plan for food.


Phil brought a guest to last week’s meeting, Adele Anderson, and she is joining the club.

Speaking of Phil, the YMCA Camp Shaver fund raiser dinner was the most successful and raised $27,000.

On a sad note, Jim Howell’s son died last week. Please keep Jim and his family in your thoughts and prayers.